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"You learn more quickly under the guidance of experienced teachers. You waste a lot of time going down blind alleys if you have no one to lead you." ~ W. Somerset Maugham


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The last day of the school year for students in grades K - 11 is June 8, 2017.  Graduation for the Class of 2017 will be June 7, 2017.

Special Subjects


The Band program at Stonehurst Hills is a thriving group compromised of musicians from 4th and 5th grades. Students involved in Band perform for our Winter and Spring Concerts as wells as activities throughout the school year. We learn the basics of music reading, how to play and care for instruments, and most importantly, how to cooperatively work together as a group in order to achieve our common goal of playing great music. Dedicated and hard working students are given the opportunity to participate in the Upper Darby Arts and Education Foundation's annual Gala, as well as the Beverly Hills Elementary Jazz Band, which performs at the Beverly Hills Jazz Festival as well as records a professional CD. Band membership is open to all interested 4th and 5th grade students.

Vocal/General Music

Students in the Stonehurst Hills Vocal/General Music program follow a standards-based curriculum that incorporates the elements of music within the categories of singing and playing instruments, improvising and composing music, reading, analyzing and listening to music and musical performances, and understanding the relationship between music, other subjects, the arts and history. Students are taught to sing, listen, and move to demonstrate their understanding of musical concepts. They play an array of classroom musical instruments with a concentration on recorder in the upper grades to promote music reading and performance. All grades play melodic and non-pitched percussion instruments throughout their elementary music experience. Students move in response to music through creative and structured dances. As a culminating experience in fifth grades, students complete a composition project, thus enhancing their music reading and writing skills and applying their knowledge of musical theory. 


The string program at Stonehurst begins in the third grade and continues through fifth grade. Students learn to play the string instrument of their choice and to read music in a small group setting. Students become members of the Stonehurst Hills string ensemble by the second semester of third grade. Performance opportunities for the orchestra include the Winter and Spring Concerts at school, and the annual district-wide Gala concert in January of each year. Most of our string students continue as outstanding members of the middle and high school orchestras.

Physical Education

The Physical Education Program at Stonehurst Hills strives to challenge each student with a wide variety of movement experiences. Students are expected to give their best effort during all skills, activities, and games. Skills, activities and games are designed to provide maximum participation, maximum movement potential and an opportunity for success for each student involved. Following directions especially in regards to safety and respecting fellow students are integral parts of each class. Cooperation with others and competition against oneself is stressed throughout the year. Students are encouraged to be active everyday and hopefully parents will also encourage their kids to get outside and play so they may develop a strong and healthy body. Stonehurst also takes pride in competing in the district's annual Fitness Meet held at the Upper Darby High School in May.


A certified Librarian with a Masters Degree staffs the Stonehurst Hills School Library. The Librarian has recently won a grant from the Cultural Foundation and also participates in the I.U. Book Review that meets three times a year. By reviewing books for the publishers, the library receives free of charge close to seventy-five new books a year. The library serves over 650 students in grades one through five plus all staff members. The library is fully automated with over 8000 different titles in the collection, plus many reference books including class sets of dictionaries, atlases and almanacs. The Library is open before and after school for students to exchange books in addition to weekly book exchanges with the class. Twice yearly Book Fairs are held in the Library for students, parents and faculty. The students participate yearly in the Delaware County Public Library Bookmark Contest. Stonehurst has had several winning bookmarks over the years. Students look forward to the Dr. Seuss Trivia contest run by the librarian every year in conjunction with Read Across America. The fourth grade after school book club is also a popular activity.
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Upper Darby's diverse culture gives educators the opportunity to engage students in embracing all of our community's history and culture. Through class discussion and artistic creation students are introduced to famous artists, diverse cultures, and interdisciplinary parallels in art. Students are able to develop their ideas and build connections to math, science, and language arts. Students explore art forms such as drawing, painting collage, printing, and sculpture. Artist Journals are used as a tool for students to develop their drawing skills as well as their writing skills. To bring the students and the community together, Stonehurst Hills showcases student work at their Annual Art show and the District Art Show. This day is a celebration of our students' amazing talents and achievements that exemplify all the possibilities art can offer.

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